The Research Network

Repair-HD is coordinated by the Cardiff University (Prof Anne Rosser, Cardiff Brain Repair Group) and brings together clinicians and scientists with internationally recognised expertise in Huntington's Disease from the United Kingdom, France and Italy, and two small to medium size enterprise (SME) based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and Münster, Germany, respectively. Repair-HD's unique combination of expertise will allow the efficient translation from experimental stem cell therapy to pre-clinical work in both small and large animal models and finally to clinical application. The consortium is supported by an independent External Advisory Board (EAB) that will provide additional expertise on ethical and regulatory issues.

IMG 8828modified smallFirst Annual Consortium Meeting, 5. - 7. November 2014, Paris - France

Group smallExCom Meeting , 27. - 28. March 2014, Münster - Germany

Group picture kick-off modKick-Off Meeting, 15. - 16. October 2013, Bristol - United Kingdom